Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fallout 3

Ive been playing fallout 3 for maybe two weeks on and off. its fun! and depressing :(, the hardest part is :
  not dieing
  saving bullets
  getting health back
  staying alive
  choosing skills/perks
  continuing to breath
   avoiding radiation
   and did i mention STAYING ALIVE?!


  1. Liked Fallout 3, love Oblivion. I wish it could have had the gameplay of that. Everything seemed smoother, and I don't really like the V.A.T.S thing. But it had a great story line!

  2. i picked up all the plates and spoons thinking it was a good idea. till i became fat.... :(

  3. You seem to be having a lot of problems, are you playing on the hardest difficulty or something?

  4. It was weird that you couldn't smoke cigarettes. That is my only critique.
    6 out of 5 stars FO-III gets.